Navigating Success Across Top Advertising Platforms: Our Team at Your Service.

With over a decade of experience, Advert Master stands as a trusted team of professionals. Our core expertise lies in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, and Copywriting.

Our specialization. If you seek adept assistance in setting up and managing performance advertising campaigns—be it generating contacts, driving purchases, or encouraging service sign-ups—you're in the right place. Across diverse channels like Google Ads, Meta Ads, Native Ads, we excel in crafting compelling banners, persuasive ad copies, and providing comprehensive reporting and analytics. Having successfully managed campaigns on five continents—Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America—your success is truly our commitment..

Our mission. Our primary objective is to connect with the most relevant users and drive them to your website, where they'll be inspired to take a specific action, ultimately converting into customers of your product or service. Working within different advertising platforms, coupled with advanced tools & AI technologies, combined with precise configurations, enables us to achieve this goal effectively.

Our clients. We are open for cooperation with any size companies and from any business field (but more often our clients become small and medium size companies & e-commerce companies). Our team members have skills in advertising cosmetics, beauty-care and health-care products, pet care products, medicine & pharmacy goods & services, finance & loans, entertainment services, interior & decor services etc., and there is no reason why we couldn’t work with any other product or service
Our solutions
Unlocking advertising performance across various channels, we elevate results by reducing costs (CPC, CPM, CPL), optimizing ROI & ROAS, and refining ads and creatives for maximum impact
  • Google Ads
Harness the power of search ads, the PPC favorite, with 160 billion monthly searches. And try the Google Display Network with text, responsive, image, and video ads, delivered to 90% of online consumers across 2 million websites and apps.

  • Meta Ads
Experience cost-effective results with image or video ads in news feeds, stories, messenger, and Audience Network websites. Reach 2.80 billion monthly active users.

  • Push Notifications
Engage a targeted audience with contextual promotions through direct notifications. Benefit from 600 million real users who have subscribed to push notifications.

  • Native Ads
Capture attention with customizable, responsive content widgets. Placed strategically on webpages, these widgets resonate with 850 million real users.

  • Banner Design
Our experts craft eye-catching banners in various formats (JPG, PNG, GIF), enhancing your online presence with visually stunning ad creatives.

  • Ad Copies & Website texts
Specializing in crafting compelling ad copies and engaging website texts, we excel at driving conversions by resonating with your target audience. Tailored for Google Search, websites, social media posts, and more.
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"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does." - Stuart H. Britt

Meet Our Team
Expert team with in-depth knowledge in Digital Marketing, delivering exceptional results
  • Margarita
    Company Owner & Project Manager
    Bringing a wealth of Marketing & Advertising experience since 2008, she serves as your dedicated point of contact, ensuring clear communication and comprehensive discussions on all advertising matters.
  • Edgars
    Digital Marketing Manager
    With a robust background in Digital Marketing since 2018, adept at developing and managing PPC campaigns across diverse platforms. Focused on driving website traffic, conversions, and sales while optimizing ad spend for superior ROI.
  • Viktoriya
    Graphic Designer
    Crafting top-tier advertising banners for your campaigns. Bringing expertise since 2006, proficient in Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Rita
    Crafting creative texts for your ads, website and social media posts. A Copywriting expert since 2015.
  • Our AI Collaborators
    The silent force
    Operating behind the scenes, our silent allies tirelessly enhance our work, rendering it not only faster and more efficient but, in essence, superior.
Work with Us
These are the key features —
why our clients choose us. Will you?
  • We are a small team of high qualified specialists
    We're not a conveyor belt; we serve only a small number of clients simultaneously, allowing us to react promptly and dedicate maximum time. We spend max time for each project and watch results daily (when necessary - several times a day). You will be delighted with our 24/7 possibility to provide you with campaign results and support.
  • We are highly communicative
    We communicate and manage ads in Russian, Latvian, and English. You can reach us via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or through video consultations using Google Meet, Teams, and more.
  • We have 10+ years experience in Marketing & Advertising

    We've launched advertising campaigns on 5 continents - in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America. We gained experience in working with cosmetics, beauty and health care products, pet care items, medical and pharmaceutical products, financial and credit services, entertainment services, furniture, and interior items, among other industries. We managed significant advertising budgets (1,500,000 euros per year, 150,000 euros per month, 5,000 euros per day). This knowledge and experience will contribute to the success of your advertising. Be sure - your campaigns will be launched in the best way.

  • Our motto - Education comes first

    All our specialists have higher education and regularly attend courses to keep your ads up-to-date. Our commitment to industry leadership involves continuous learning from experts like Brad Geddes and reputable platforms such as Simplilearn, Udemy and Coursera.
  • We are flexible
    We will offer you an individual solutions, so that you can choose, which suits you best. You can start advertising with us from small budgets, and increase them when necessary.
  • We are punctual
    We launch campaigns very fast - in 3-5 business days, and always do our tasks on time.
Clients thank us for our work
  • B.Aleksandrov

    Media Buyer, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Expert, Influencer Marketing at Dantek Ltd. / Lidango Inc.
    In my experience as a media buyer I have worked with 20 agencies all over the world. Advert Master is the indisputable best performing among them successfully run by Margarita.
  • Adriaan de Kluiver

    E-commerce company owner
    We are very happy with the service from Advert Master with Facebook advertising. We have 24/7 support from Margarita, and she always replies and solves our issues very fast. She is the best. I recommend every e-commerce business to work with her!
  • A.Grjaznihs

    Pharma, Sales Executive, Business Intelligence, Strategy & Development, Cross-Cultural Leadership
    Margarita is experienced Marketing Manager. She is punctual, hard-working, creative person. She is perfect in Marketing Analysis, Planning, Budgeting, Product Launching and General Marketing Management. Highly recommend.
  • Kristīne Vizule

    Marketing manager, SIA MED GRUPE
    Advert Master team is knowledgeable, ready to offer the most appropriate solution for marketing and advertising services. Provides an individual and creative approach. It's a pleasure to cooperate!
  • Rihards Gailis

    Member of the board, E-commerce company
    The cooperation with Advert Master has been positive. The team consists of knowledgeable digital marketing specialists, who effectively managed our company's Facebook ads. I would definitely recommend Margarita and her team for each company, which is interested in promotion through the Internet.
  • Viktors Išmakovs

    Olive Mebeles

    We cooperate with Advert Master for many years. Excellent and productive cooperation - their approach to work is very responsible and punctual. During our cooperation, we have significantly increased the volumes of sales thanks to advertising in Social Networks and Google Ads. I definitely recommend!
"The best ads come from personal experience. Some of the good ones I have done have really come out of the real experience of my life, and somehow this has come over as true and valid and persuasive." - David Ogilvy
We offer several payment options for our services
for each kind of business
For small companies
Fixed cost. Calculated individually—you always know what you're paying for.
For medium-sized businesses and those planning growth
Fixed cost + a percentage of the advertising budget (from 10% to 20%). Suitable for companies looking to significantly increase sales.
For big companies and E-commerce
A percentage of the budget (from 10% to 20%). When dealing with large advertising budgets, a different approach to managing advertising campaigns is required, and significantly more time is involved.
How do we organize the workflow?
In the first 2 weeks, we typically increase the customer flow by at least 10%, preventing budget waste.
You submit a request on our website, send us e-mail, or call us.
We conduct an audit of your advertising accounts, analyze your niche and competitors, select the necessary Advertising tools, and calculate the budget for the advertising campaigns. We will offer you possible advertising solutions to reach your goals.
Campaign setup & launch
In 3-5 business days we will create advertising accounts, setup and configure the campaigns, launch them after your approval, and monitor their results.


On regular basis we will check and optimize campaigns and will provide you with statistics. We analyze the effectiveness of advertising, reduce the cost per click, disable less or non-effective ads, and increase audience reach.

Any questions?

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