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We use all Google Ads possibilities
to promote your goods or services
8 the most powerful advertising tools
  • 1
    Search Ads
    Capture your audience's attention as they search on Google. We carefully select keywords and create compelling ads that outshine competitors, guiding customers to your website.
  • 2
    Google Display Network
    Connect with 90% of online users through a variety of ad formats—text, responsive, graphic, and video. Whether you have your own creatives ready for upload or need custom banners and videos, we can serve you in crafting compelling visuals for effective advertising.
  • 3
    You can re-engage your past site visitors, capturing the interest of those who have already explored it—an engaged, warm audience. With a smart strategy and tactics, interested buyers will revisit your site, enhancing the chances of conversion.
  • 4
    Mobile App Advertising
    Utilize this opportunity to promote iOS or Android mobile applications on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other platforms. We'll help you achieve your goals, whether it's app installations or specific in-app actions.
  • 5
    Youtube Video Advertising
    Video ads are highly engaging, swiftly conveying complex messages. An ideal choice to boost conversions and enhance brand recognition.
  • 6
    Gmail Advertising
    Your ad will reach Gmail users specifically interested in your product/service, ensuring targeted visibility.
  • 7
    Shopping Ads
    This type of advertising is crucial for e-commerce. We create product listings that attract potential buyers, boosting sales and revenue for your online store.
  • 8
    Local Ads
    Grow your local business with our targeted advertising methods, increasing foot traffic to nearby stores (offline points).
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Common mistakes that can decrease the effectiveness of your campaign
  • 1
    One keyword
    You sell MDF interior doors. However, your ad simply states 'doors.' This can attract everyone searching for ANY type of door: car doors, entrance doors, garage doors, etc. Are you ready to pay for ALL impressions?
  • 2
    Too few negative keywords
    Let's take the same doors. If you don't compile a list of negative keywords, be prepared that your ad will be shown to those searching for door reviews, companies manufacturing doors, etc. This means money spent on the wrong target audience, i.e., wasted."
  • 3
    Wrong Geo targeting
    Your company specializes in food delivery, operating exclusively in Riga. In this case, running ads for the entire Latvia would be futile and a waste of resources
  • 4
    Ad scheduling is not taken into account
    For instance, if you provide services such as flower delivery from 11:00 to 21:00, but your ads are shown before 11:00 and after 9:00, you're essentially wasting money.
  • 5
    Data tracking is overlooked
    Neglecting data tracking means missing valuable insights—such as identifying regions with high demand for your product or service, determining the effectiveness of specific ads, and more. This oversight hampers the optimization of your campaign.
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If you're spending more than 1,000 euros on advertising, and the results are dismal, what should you do?
You have 3 obvious options in this situation
  • 1
    You tackle the issue on your own
    It might work out for you. HOWEVER: delving into settings and intricacies of campaign management will take considerable time. Are you ready to divert your attention from your business?
  • 2
    You seek help from a freelance expert
    They might present you with a super-budget solution. HOWEVER, are you absolutely certain about the 100% guaranteed outcome? Do you have assurances that the upfront payment will be secured, the work completed, and the specialist won't disappear?
  • 3
    You sign a contract with large marketing company
    That's a solid choice. HOWEVER, it comes with a significant 'if': only if you have the funds. Major companies usually set hefty fees and often take a percentage from your budget. So, it's a substantial investment. Are you prepared for that?
Who communicates with you and manages advertising campaigns

Owner of the company, advertising project manager
Since 2008
Experience in marketing and advertising
Who creates the best advertising banners for your campaigns?

Graphic Designer
Since 2006
Experience in graphic design of any complexity
Who writes creative texts for your ads and website?

Since 2015
Experience as a copywriter
10 Reasons to Choose Us
  • 1
    Increase in customer flow by an average of 10% within 2 weeks
    You'll start seeing the first customers within 3-5 days of launching your ads, and we'll boost customer flow by at least 10% within 2 weeks after optimizing the campaign.
  • 2
    Fixed payment without tying it to the ad budget.
    We don't take a percentage of your ad budget, so we're not incentivized to increase it. We focus on the final result, and you pay a fixed fee for our services, individually calculated.
  • 3
    Advertising budget savings up to 50%
    Smart, skillful optimization can save you up to 50% of your advertising budget. We guarantee that in 99.9 cases out of 100, you'll reduce advertising expenses while increasing its effectiveness.
  • 4
    You will have access to your ad account
    You can transfer funds to your ad account directly and monitor advertising campaigns yourself. We're here to answer all your questions if needed.
  • 5
    Thorough audit of your niche and existing campaign
    Before starting, we'll conduct a detailed analysis of your niche, competitors, and existing advertising campaign. Only after that, we'll define a strategy, get your approval, and launch the ads.
  • 6
    Small team of specialists in their field.
    We're not a conveyor belt; we serve only a small number of clients simultaneously, allowing us to react promptly and dedicate maximum time.
  • 7
    Non-competing products and services.
    We exclusively work with each business niche and don't offer services to clients from the same business sectors. You can trust our confidentiality, and there's no risk of conflicting interests.
  • 8
    Highly communicative
    We communicate and manage ads in Russian, Latvian, and English. You can reach us via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or through video consultations using Google Meet, Teams, and more.
  • 9
    Education comes first
    All our specialists have higher education and regularly attend courses to keep your ads up-to-date.
  • 10
    Over 10 years of experience in advertising
    We've launched advertising campaigns on 5 continents - in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America. We gained experience in working with cosmetics, beauty and health care products, pet care items, medical and pharmaceutical products, financial and credit services, entertainment services, furniture, and interior items, among other industries. We managed significant advertising budgets (1,500,000 euros per year, 150,000 euros per month, 5,000 euros per day). This knowledge and experience will contribute to the success of your advertising. Feel free to reach out!
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In comparison to other offers
Access to the advertising account
Big companies
Our approach

In comparison to other offers
Replenishing the advertising budget
Big companies
Our approach

We offer several payment options for our services
for each kind of business
For small companies
For medium-sized businesses and those planning growth
For big companies and E-commerce
How do we organize the workflow?
  • 1
    You submit a request on our website
  • 2
    We conduct an audit of your advertising account, analyze your niche and competitors, select the necessary Google tools, and calculate the budget for the advertising campaign.
  • 3
    Campaign setup
    We create an advertising account, configure the campaign, coordinate it with you, launch it, and monitor its results.
  • 4
    We analyze the effectiveness of advertising, reduce the cost per click, disable less or non-effective ads, and increase audience reach.
  • 5
    Generating profit
    In the first 2 weeks, we typically increase the customer flow by at least 10%, preventing budget waste.

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