Facebook is too expensive. How to get traffic, cheaper?

Facebook is too expensive. How to get traffic, cheaper?

29 Jun 21
Facebook is too expensive. How to get traffic, cheaper?

Push Notifications are much cheaper compared to Facebook. With the help of push notifications, you can get more purchases / requests, views, clicks, as well as increase brand awareness, within the same budget, which is spent on Facebook or Google ads.

Push notifications – small pop-up message, displayed on user’s computer or mobile device, and makes user automatically react to it and take an action.

It is a real possibility, at a lower costs, to achieve any marketing goals:

  • Get purchases / applications (leads)
  • Get more traffic to the website
  • Increase brand awareness and reach

This technology helps advertisers to reach their audience with optimally low CPC and CPM costs. Push notifications are considered a cheap form of advertising when compared to messaging, email marketing, or contextual advertising. For example, on average, the CPC can be $ 0.01, and for $ 250 you will have the opportunity to reach over 300,000 people and get more than 20,000 clicks.

The Push notification format is suitable for almost any type of business. With the help of push notifications, it is possible to reach your potential customers on any device or platform, and in any country in the world. 

More reasons why it is worth to try Push Notifications now:

High volume traffic  & Maximum reach, visibility, high CTR
Advert Master provides access to the world’s popular Push Notification platforms - which have the largest traffic and GEO coverage. And by fact, Push Notifications have higher CTR than traditional Facebook. With push notifications, you don't need to worry that the client will not see what you would like to show. This message will appear on his device or in browser. Messages are delivered in any case, even if he is not currently using a computer or smart phone. He will see them the next time he uses his device again. The message is displayed on top, above any content, so it is unlikely to be missed. Almost 100% of users see your post even if they don't click on it.

Lower costs
Push Notification are much cheaper compared to Facebook. For example, Push Notification prices per click starting from $0.001, and you need at least $50-100 to start advertising in Advert Master offered advertising platforms.

Advanced tools
AI Technologies & AI-based matching algorithms, Auto Optimization Technologies, and other Tools, integrated in Push Notification platforms, provide possibility to reach, retarget and automate optimization efforts.

Lots of verticals
With Push Notifications, you can run campaigns in more verticals than Facebook allows:
Adult Products, Supplements & More explicit products (i.e., male health products), Replicas, Finance (blockchain), Crypto and Payday Loans, Mainstream Dating, Gambling, iGaming and Sports Verticals, Subscription Services and many others.

Softer Advertising Policy
You can’t sell your products or services in Facebook, because they don’t comply with advertising policies? Are your ads rejected frequently or are your accounts disabled? Push Notification’s platform’s policy is softer, so your account won’t suddenly get banned, and advertising campaigns have more chances to get approved.

Absolutely safe, confidential, legal
Users agree to receive Push notifications, therefore, this type of advertising is considered as high quality, without fraud, and therefore provides better user confidence and, as a result, a high CTR. 

Scale campaigns with new ad formats
Working with Advert Master in Push Notification platforms, you get to use new formats that Facebook doesn’t offer: Push Notifications, Interstitials, Popunders. And these ad formats have impressive results in terms of: CR, Click, and Re-Conversion Rates.

As a conclusion - Push notifications are a simple and effective advertising format and another type of how to contact a client, inform him about your brand, products, and offers. Push notifications can be a good alternative to diversify your actual advertising campaigns and reach your marketing and advertising goals at a much lower costs!

We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you by creating and launching Push Advertising Campaigns. Would you like to get access to millions of potential customers around the world? Contact us by phone 371 27633638 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a message here. You will get an individual offer and our specialists will effectively implement it.

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